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de'ge'pol COM
The young professionals community of the German Association of Political Consultants

Foto: Thomas Wolf,

A rapidly changing society and an ever increasing internationalisation are placing new demands on the profession of political consulting. An increased professionalism and a new sense of the self-understanding of political consulting are required.

Against this background, the de’ge’pol – German Association of Political Consultants – was founded in Berlin on May 25th, 2002. The de’ge’pol is the first association of professional German-speaking political consultants. Members of the association are active in the fields of Public Affairs, campaign consulting and policy consulting in various European countries. They are engaged in agencies, businesses, organisations, parties or independently.

In 2016 de’ge’pol COM – the young professionals community was founded. We bring together graduate students who are interested to work in the field of political consulting as well as consultants at the beginning of their career.

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